Friday, 30 October 2009

Video production 'may soon be monetised on YouTube'

YouTube may need to start monetising its content unless Google is happy to keep propping up the website without pushing too much advertising on to it, says an expert.
The video productions appearing on YouTube may have to be monetised in the future if the brand is going to survive, according to an industry insider.
Julian Clover, editorial director and European digital analyst at Broadband TV News, claimed that Google is currently bankrolling the video-sharing site and does not seem particularly intent on loading it up with advertising.
He pointed out that if Google continues to "prop up" YouTube, then it will have no need to monetise the videos being played.
Mr Clover explained: "Google seems content to take YouTube in the round as it were, as it is advertising elsewhere within the Google family."
When asked about why YouTube has achieved such enormous success, he stated that it is down to its brand being so well known.
The website is now serving more than one billion views each day, according Google, which celebrate three years since its acquisition of the website on October 9th

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Video, Great Gorilla Run

As video search grows in volume the importance of video optimisation is critical !